Let us introduce you to Henry and John. 50 years of feasibility studies, contract negotiation, product design and project management for all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction. And above all, the ability to balance the craft, the science and the business of building a community to make that spark, that spirit of place that everyone feels and everyone wants. That’s what our founders bring to RDG Management and to each and every community we touch.

Henry Rempel


Since 1964, Henry has been a staple in the development industry in the Lower Mainland. With beginnings in building single family homes, he ventured into larger projects with apartments and industrial buildings and went on to specialize in multi-family homes and commercial spaces. A long standing pillar in the community, he brings a deep wealth of experience to provide sound guidance for strategic direction and opportunity management within RDG. Henry has “seen it all and done it all” in the development industry and is able to navigate through with an educated and well developed eye to the end goal. Henry’s commitment to community support is unwavering with past involvement in numerous boards both locally and internationally.

John Rempel


Claiming that development is in John’s blood is an understatement. Starting as a very young man as a labourer and superintendent on job sites and moving on to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Urban Land Economics from UBC, John officially stepped into development management over 20 years ago and has since overseen the development of more than 17 multi-family projects. John’s hands-on expertise includes all aspects of development from site acquisition, product design and execution to marketing and customer service. With a passion for crafting creative visions to maximize potential, John has the rare ability to look beyond what others see as barriers, collaborate with key stakeholders, and translate that vision into reality.