Creekside Estates


White Rock

Now selling. Twenty-six storeys of innovative 1 & 2 bedroom concrete homes take centre stage in White Rock’s most urban location.

Creekside Estates

The Corners

Clayton Central

Sold Out. Condominiums and townhomes located in the heart of Clayton Central.

Creekside Estates

Alexander Square


Sold out. 1 & 2 bedroom condominiums across from Willoughby Town Centre.

The Lower Mainland of British Columbia has been experiencing incredible growth and with it a huge array of residential and commercial offerings. Nice buildings. Impressive showrooms. All with a long list of quality finishings, attractive colours and a promise of investment value. Usually they are straight forward opportunities that often result in simple, even cookie-cutter solutions. This is a big decision and you aren’t willing to compromise. Good news, neither are we.

When we consider opportunities, we aren’t looking for simple. We thrive on challenges because that’s our opportunity to transform straight forward and simple and make something extraordinary. Our passion and deep rooted experience lies in the ability to craft and manage creative development solutions to create so much more than another cluster of buildings. We create uniquely distinctive communities highlighted by beauty, richness of quality and outstanding customer service. Communities, homes and commercial spaces that are a source of pride. For us. For the neighbourhood. For you.