The Ridge at Bose Farms


4 Buildings on 20 Acres
245 Condominiums
12,000 sq ft of Amenity Space

A Surrey landmark dating back to its inception in 1892, the Bose Family farm was slated and already approved by the City and various community groups for standard cluster housing. We knew there were challenges with going beyond that vision and we also knew we were the ones to do it. Through considerable creative collaboration, we developed a strategy that maximized the potential of the land, honoured this irreplaceable piece of our history, and established a sensitive approach to maintaining the vibrant forest located on the farm in perpetuity.

We proudly invite you to the Ridge at Bose Farms, a beautiful community of 245 bold new country condominiums with modern luxuries and stunning views along with three refurbished heritage buildings from one of Surrey’s earliest pioneering families. Coupled with a 12 acre forested park for community members and neighbours at large to use, you won’t want to miss this vibrant uniquely distinct community set to be occupied in mid 2015.

John Rempel | The Vision Behind the Community

The Ridge  |  Architecture

The Ridge  |  Are You Ready?

The Ridge  |  Roger Bose – Memories

The Ridge  |  Dan Dueck – Reconstructing a Surrey Landmark

The Ridge  |  Barry McGinn – Preserving the Heritage Component